Melba’s Chocolate Factory – Woodside, South Australia

Only a short drive from Adelaide in the Hills you’ll find Melba’s Chocolate Factory and shop.

Image courtesy of Melba’s website

The small township of Woodside can boast one of Australia’s famous chocolate & confectionary factories, that still operates today. It’s a working tourism factory in a heritage-listed complex.

Heritage listed building

Entrance is FREE, yes free, which is unheard of in the 2020s and you can sample a few of the assortment.

Melba’s Chocolate factory

Great for young & old alike especially if you love all things sweet.

Melba’s Chocolate factory showroom

There is a coffee shop on-site (we’d just had coffee in town) so you could purchase your confectionary and enjoy them with a coffee if you wish.

Melba’s Chocolate factory coffee shop

The factory is not huge by any means and certainly not to the scale of the Kambly biscuit factory in Switzerland. But for the town of Woodside, it sure means a lot, as tourists come from all over to see, taste and buy their favourites.

Melba’s Chocolate coated peanuts

If you’re lucky you might even get to see the production of some Melba’s chocolates from behind the glass windows.

Melba’s Chocolate Enrobing Machine and Cooling Tunnel

There were chocolates moving along the conveyer belt a little after I took this photo. They were getting sprayed from above and by the time they reached the end they fell into containers ready for sale.

Melba’s Chocolate Cooling Tunnel & shop


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