Picking Up Our Hire Car From Enterprise Rentals in Silverthorne

I had pre booked a car for us to have during a week that we are going to have appointments in Fort Collins and today we are going to pick up our rental car from Enterprise rentals at Silverthorne.

Day 143 – July 22nd.

Moni had the final Q & A session for her group of sassy ladies in the Creative Copywriting Course today and it was a great call with the awesome peeps that participated. After that we got ready to be picked up by one of the staff from Enterprise Rentals at our place in Keystone to take us back to the office to get our hire car.

Pick up at Keystone

Pick up at Keystone

The sign above had us looking at each other and wondering… Really

“our International Drivers license were accepted”

The hiring of the car went very easy and our International Drivers license were accepted and all done with no real fuss, just bring it back as close to empty and she’ll be fine, driving off with a quarter tank!!

A bright red Toyota corolla will do us just fine. Driving back to our place we take in some of the wonderful scenery of the surrounding mountains. The bottom right corner is the view from our place at Gateway Lodge.

“we take in some of the wonderful scenery of the surrounding mountains”

The hire car driving back to Keystone

The hire car driving back to Keystone


We have a parking space allocated to our condo in an underground garage which is good considering yesterday in the afternoon storm we had hail…

Back at home we continue to write and work.

Updated 1st August;

Costs for hiring the car

Car Hire for 8 days = $306.43 USD = $38.30 a day

Fuel = $82.00 USD (which is .083 cents per mile)

Parking etc = $18.25 USD

Distance driven total = 998 Miles

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