Bowen Island Women in Business Guest Speaker Monika Mundell

Women in business all over the world are making statements for themselves and the ladies on Bowen Island are no different. Sure it is slightly isolated with it being an island with only around 3800 inhabitants, but this is home for many entrepreneurs of different dreams and passions.

Day 115 – June 25th.

Today at their monthly business meeting Monika had the honour of being the guest speaker. Not a chair in the room was free as the ladies came with pleasure to listen to Monika’s presentation about the art of communication, the power of words in your business.

Guest speaker Monika at the Bowen Island Women in Business meeting

Guest speaker Monika at the Bowen Island Women in Business meeting


You honestly had to be there to take full advantage of the presentation which incidentally went well over the allotted time and was much appreciated by the lucky women that made the decision to interrupt their schedules to listen and take notes.

This is what a few had to say…

“If you were at the BIWB meeting this morning, you know how amazed we were with Monika’s presentation. She is not only a charismatic and engaging presenter but a great inspiration”.  Carmen Dives

“Hi Monika, Thanks again for rocking our Women in Business on Bowen gathering this morning! I am interested in signing up for your copywriting course. What do I need to do”?  Titania Michniewicz

“It was such a pleasure to meet you today Monika:) I am just so in awe of the magic of the universe… the last weeks I started my blog and put out my first newsletter, and today you were sent my way… with the gift of guidance in form of a workshop along with your light, care,love and skill. Absolute perfection! Needless to say that I am super excited and much looking forward, and YES, fun works for me 🙂 “  Malene Rosenberg Hansen

Check out this view from the Boardroom at Artisan Square on Bowen Island, the place where sassy women meet.

The Boardroom & view at Artizan Square

The Boardroom & view at Artisan Square


We wish the women in business on Bowen Island all the very best for the future of their endeavours and thank you for allowing Monika (and myself) to demonstrate just a glimpse of what magic Monika (Nika) can achieve with the power of words and why copywriting is the most valuable tool to possess in your business.

I’m looking forward to hearing many more gold nuggets that Nika will be sharing with the lovely laddies that are participating in the Creative Copywriting Course 

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