Farm Beach at Wangary Eyre Peninsula

The reward for the drive to Wangary is well worth it. The dirt road which starts just off the turn off at Wangary to Dutton Bay is at the best of times always a bit bumpy and full of potholes.

Luckily it’s only a short 10km drive to get to Farm Beach. Keep an eye out for wildlife, you could easily come across the odd Emu or Kangaroo, even sheep crossing the road and you will most probably see some Cape Barren Geese in the farms as you drive by.

Day 1671 – 2nd October 2018

As you come over the rise take in the stunning view of Kellidie Bay & Mt Dutton Bay with Farm Beach in the distance.

Sandy Farm Beach

Sandy Farm Beach


The sandy beach stretches for 2 km and is quite shallow before it drops off into deeper dark blue waters. Sure enough, there is a buildup of dried seagrass but don’t let that deter you from a visit.

There is a caravan park very close to the beach and you can easily walk over the sand dunes to it. However, most locals and 4 wheel drivers take their vehicles on to the beach. Just before the end of the road on the left, you’ll most definitely spot what could be known as a tractor graveyard.

However as our close friend corrected us, these rusty old beasts are mostly still in working order and are used by the locals to launch their boats. Apparently in the old days when camping on the beach was allowed, these tractors would help tow caravans to a place for the traveller to set up camp. The beach did use to be known as ‘Tractor beach’ back then.

Welcome to Farm Beach Eyre Peninsula

Welcome to Farm Beach Eyre Peninsula



It is a popular launch area for those with boats that go out for a day’s fun on the water, be that fishing or just a cruise around the area, especially on weekends. You will often see lots of boat trailers lined along the sand waiting for their haul to return.

Anyway, today was very quiet and Moni & I were the only ones here, apart from a solitary tractor and trailer standing isolated.

Gotta love Farm Beach

Gotta love Farm Beach


The waters are crystal clear and calm here, which make it ideal for families to come and enjoy.

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