House Sitting in Mount Dutton Bay (again)

It’s cold and wet here on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, yet still so beautiful and rustic.

Our latest odyssey housesit has begun and we find ourselves invited back to Dutton Bay to look after Bella, Rosie & Natalie the three rescue cats.

Dutton Bay

Day … 26th June 2019 to August 2019

Shannon & Marc have left for an 8-week road trip and we have the house to share with the three furbabies. As soon as these folks returned last year from their trip away they had already planned their next adventure, and because they were very pleased with our house & pet sitting they booked us in for this stay.

Natalie with Moni

For Moni & I being asked to return and means, we can plan our travels knowing where and for how long we need to be somewhere. Last time we did our house sitting here in South Australia it was the end of summer and a lot warmer.

Lucky for us we have mastered the art of keeping the wood fire going and therefore have a very comfortable warm house to live in.

Saying that, I’ve pretty much gone through the entire stock of wood that the guys had left for us 🙂 I have ordered more which should arrive tomorrow.

Dutton Bay has been battered with huge winds and plenty of rain since our arrival, one particular night we thought the roof and windows were going to blow off and in respectively. Needless to say, we haven’t been fishing yet, but our dear friend Mr Lloyd assured us that the weather will improve and a few days fishing will follow.

Farm Beach near Dutton Bay

Moni was hoping for an electric blanket and Shannon must have read her mind. Our bed is fitted with an electric blanket which has an adjustable thermostat to control the top and bottom. You couldn’t wipe the smile of Moni’s face that first night we climbed into a warm bed. A decent glass of whiskey helps keep us warm as well.

Port Lincoln is our nearest town where we can go shopping. It’s about 45 minutes drive each way. This is our second time in since being here, our first shop for groceries was $295.00 WOW. But those supplies have lasted over two weeks.

Guess what we’ve run out of first?

Coffee… We had planned on visiting the local Woolshed twice a week for our coffee and cake fix, but after our visit, in the first few days Jaquie informed us that she was closing for a month’s holiday 🙁 The upside is that we will save a few dollars now.

Mt Dutton Bay Woolshed
Mt Dutton Bay Woolshed
Coffee & cake at Mt Dutton Bay Woolshed

Talking of coffee, we’ve found a very good coffee house in Port Lincoln called Boston Bean cafe. They roast their own coffee in the back of the store and it’s on show through large glass doors. You can be sure the coffee is fresh and made with skill. Best of all a flat white in the small cup is $3.50

Coffee at Boston Bean cafe in Port Lincoln

The weather did improve and some days Dutton Bay was picture perfect with deep purple sunsets with the bay still as a pond. But overall, the weather was pretty drab.

On the dry days, we’d take Natalie out for a walk on a lead. The other two don’t like the lead and so we have to keep a very close eye on them.

Having fresh eggs available each day thanks to the chickens was wonderful, not only do they look better they taste better than any box of eggs you buy.

Looking after the chickens with the reward of fresh eggs

Not a bad view from the odyssey office…

View from the office in Dutton Bay SA

Foggy mornings were pretty normal during our stay this time.

Foggy Dutton Bay Eyre Peninsula

When house sitting it’s very important that you have permission from the owners to allow your friends to visit the house. We had Mr Don & Judy stay with their caravan in the back yard for a few days.

Dinner time Chef John

A drive to Coffin Bay National Park on a very blustery day.

Coffin Bay National Park
Golden Island Lookout from Coffin Bay National Park

Picking the early ripe Quondongs.

Yet another stormy day.

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