Our AirBnB Apartment “Park Place” in Envigado

We found our apartment in Medellin, Colombia through AirBnB and it is in the town of Envigado, which is next to El Poblado another town in Medellin. It is run by the guys that also have The Art House in Envigagdo.

Day 178 – August 27th, 2014.

“These are the views from the balcony”

The view from Park Place balcony

The view from Park Place balcony

The view from Park Place balcony#2

The view from Park Place balcony #2

The view from Park Place balcony #3

The view from Park Place balcony #3


They are the images from the street that is in front of the AirBnB Park Place in Envigado, Medellin Colombia.

The street is very busy throughout the entire day and the smell of sweet pastries rises up from the bakery just below. There are plenty of places to get a meal all very close and just to the left at the end of the street is the Parque Envigado (Park of Envigado)

Apparently we are only 15 min away from the touristic areas of Poblado and Parque Lleras which we are yet to explore.

Inside Park Place apartment

Inside Park Place apartment


As you can see, inside the decor is neutral coloured walls with pieces of art and pot plants around to enhance, it is very comfortable indeed. With this place having three bedrooms a max of six people could stay here, I expect that would work but lucky for us there is only five of us only three of us which is great.

Each of the rooms has there own bathroom the two larger rooms have them as en-suites and the slightly smaller one has it just off the bedroom.

The kitchen, laundry, second seating area and our room

The kitchen, laundry, second seating area and our room


The building is in a block on the fourth floor (the top), the structure is not sound proof in that general noise from the apartment below can be heard easily likewise the smells of the latest meal. Sounds from the street can also be rather loud, but that’s the price for being so central. Moni sleeps with ear plugs as the guys below are up at 4.30am and cooking before heading out to work!!

The kitchen with laundry is equipped with most items that you might need and is very clean, the entire apartment is very clean. Probably thanks to a maid that comes once a week to do a major clean and wash the bed linen and towels etc. All of which is included in the price.

Also, the Internet has so far been great and constant at a good speed.

Over all the Park Place in Envigado is a great place to stay and we would definitely stay here again. We will add to this post as and when anything new comes to mind.


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