Overnight Stay on The Cruise Ship in Lima, Peru

Tour buses at Lima

Tour buses at Lima


Day 287 – December 14th, 2014.

At sea arriving in Lima at 7pm.

Up early and breakfast in the dining room, before heading to a talk about the Aztecs. During my school years learning about the Aztecs in my history lessons was one of the only times that I really enjoyed and paid attention so I was excited to go to the talk, however it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Next up was coffee in the Café al Bacio before heading back to the theatre to listen to Micky Live give a talk about Lima and what to expect.

This was a much better talk and gave us a bit of a heads up regarding our next port.

Then it was onto lunch.

Lunch on Celebrity Infinity

Lunch on Celebrity Infinity


We had to miss out on the Flash Mob rehearsal today as the things clashed.

“Overnight stay on the cruise ship in Lima, Peru”

We made our way in to Lima after 6.30pm and docked for our overnight stay here. There were some tours offered by the ship which were booked out quite quickly and like always they were recommending only go out if you have a tour or know were you are going.

Arriving in Lima - tour buses waiting

Arriving in Lima – tour buses waiting


We had our dinner on a table of two tonight as Serkan’s tables were all full when we arrived. We could see that the dining room was a lot less busy this evening as people were ashore for the evening.

Dinner in the main dining room on Celebrity Infinty

Dinner in the main dining room on Celebrity Infinity


Walking through a couple of bars after dinner you really got the feeling that lots of people were either sleeping of off the ship in Lima exploring.

Empty bars on Celebrity Infinity

Empty bars on Celebrity Infinity


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