Spanish Lessons in Envigado, Medellin

It was a goal of Monika & I to take Spanish lessons in South America and master another language. So after doing some research and with the help of a few contacts we secured a great deal with a private tutor.

Day 183 – September 1st, 2014.

Learning a new language is fascinating and very rewarding, it is something that the more you travel the more you want to learn. I remember my school days of having to take French lessons, I really was not that keen on it at all, hence my French is very basic. However that all changed when I went to Switzerland and then I wanted to learn Swiss German & German.

See the difference is that I wanted & needed to learn the language. My work situation would vastly improve, but also I could experience the Swiss culture in much more detail and communicate with friends, peers, and others on a more even level.

I have heard many people saying that to learn a language is difficult and maybe for some it is. I believe that we all can learn a new language and not that it is difficult, it is more ‘do you really want it’ that is the hard part. Everything we learn new is at some point hard to grasp, but after persistent time and action it becomes a lot easier, you just have to want it.

“Your success depends on your degree of effort”

Basically you will get out what you put in. Right now we are having lessons 3 days a week for a total of 10 hours.

Spanish lessons at our apartment in Envigado

Spanish lessons at our apartment in Envigado


Sure at first I am finding it a little confusing with the verbs and sentence structure, but I know it’s only a matter of time and it will all click and the road to success will become smoother. I’m loving it which is half the battle and we are having lots of fun at the same time. I never had fun in my French school lessons, apart from when us young lads were messing around and had to stand at the back!! may be that’s why I’ll have to take some lessons when we get to France.

The University rate here in Envigado was roughly $500 AUD for 40 hours that’s $12.50 per hour. One of the people in our apartment goes to the Uni and that was the figure he quoted. A few others were offering private lessons for more than that.

“We have an awesome price for our Spanish lessons”

Monika had emailed this lady a few times and with her bargaining skills has struck a great deal. We arranged that another couple join us which made it four people per hour. On checking with some other teachers and the Uni, they keep the hourly rate regardless of how many students, which I find totally wrong. If you are in a group of say 10 that means you will receive 10% of the teachers one on one time and for that you should pay the full price….eh hello people. Just me and you would be cool but no way hozay…

And for the Uni, you will have to make your way their and back!!

Our deal works out at 50.000 COP/hour. 2-4 People. That is $7.00 per hour per person which also includes the daily taxi fare for our teacher to get to and from our place. That is an awesome price and I challenge anyone to find a better deal.

Before I actually make it public who this awesome teacher is I will first ask if she is ok with that, until then you will have to keep searching.

Updated 22/9/14

Your Spanish Class Medellin

Your Spanish Class Medellin


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