The River Run Gondola to The Summit of Dercum Mountain 11,640ft

Friday afternoons in Keystone is the perfect time to take the gondola up the mountain, the gondola is FREE from 1pm and today we are meeting up with some locals.

Day 159 – August 8th.

The sun was out and the skies were blue, the gondola run was not too busy surprisingly. You still need to pick up a ticket from the service center for scanning and counting purposes.

The ride up in the gondola is in two stages but you stay in the pod until the top. The actual pod that we were in had very cloudy perspex so did not allow for great photos but that was not a problem as the views from the top are great.

Keystone River Run Gondola

Keystone River Run Gondola


At the top you are met with views all around, it’s like platform for a few gondolas to arrive at.

There is a bar and restaurant at the top and there was live music. Plenty more people were enjoying the sun and beverages of choice as they relaxed.

At the top of the gondola run

At the top of the gondola run with Aaron who organises the meet-ups


As long as the sun was able to pearce the through the odd cloud it was warm, but as soon as it become hidden it was cold, we were pleased to have our jackets with us. The sun is stronger at altitude that’s for sure.

The Summit House at the top of Decrum Mountain

The Summit House at the top of Dercum Mountain


“The past few afternoons storms have been active but for today it remained fine”

Panorama view from the Summit House

Panorama view from the Summit House


This week Moni joined up on and today was our first meet up. Most of the Evo 3 workspace group met at the bottom of the gondola run and we made our way up together, with a round of drinks we sat in a circle and enjoyed getting to know each other and what we all do.

Meet-up gathering

Meet-up gathering at Dercum Summit


“today was our first meet up”

A few late comers joined and a great early evening was had. A group photo before heading down around 7.30pm, lucky for us one of the village fires is burning and we gather around to warm up before saying goodbye to each other.

The Meet-Up group at the Summit

The Meet-Up group at the Summit


In the photo we have (left to right) Page, me, Moni, Mika, Greg, Jeffrey, Aaron, (..), Wendy and Tom. Check out Aaron’s website here



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