Moni’s Photo Shoot in Keystone & Dillon With Michelle Maloy

Moni has been hanging out for this day and was very excited that it was finally here. It is photo shoot day and Moni is having new business photos taken to enhance the re branding of the business and shake things up a bit.

Day 160 – August 9th.

The weather was unsettled most of the day, which was a blessing really as full sun is not the best for photos.

I got the three outfits that Moni wanted to wear ready and made sure we were ready for Michelle when she arrived.

On time and back at our place things are discussed and a sort of ‘get to know you better’ interview took place before heading out to River Run village in Keystone for the action to unfold.

“Looking great and with some awesome back drops Michelle snapped away”

Moni on photo shoot location in Keystone

Moni on photo shoot location in Keystone


Moni who normally doesn’t wear make up had been advised to put it on heavily for the photos just like she did when recording her latest video’s with her mentor a couple of weeks back.

I guess the proof will be in the final product when we get to see them, but from the first few we look at, they look great. These photos are just the ones I took with the iPhone… After exhausting Keystone we drove to Dillon and took more down by the water with the mountains as a back drop.

“the hardest thing will be in picking the best 10”

Photos with Michelle Maloy at Dillon

Photos with Michelle Maloy at Dillon


The photo session went for around 4 hours, I’m not sure how many photos were actually taken but the hardest thing will be in picking the best 10 that will work well for Moni.

Michelle was really easy to work with and Moni had a blast, while I was the location scout and prop manager…lol, until I became the star for a few shots.

A great fun afternoon was had and now we just have to wait to receive the best ones that we will need to chose the selection that Moni wants.


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