What to Expect When Dining in Qsine on Celebrity Millennium

Tonight’s dining experience comes from the Qsine restaurant on Celebrity Millennium. If you don’t know what to expect when having dinner in Qsine then this post will bring you up to speed on this uniquely unordinary venue.

This post continues our tour around the Celebrity Millennium 

After an exciting day with the tour of the Galley and later followed up with a backstage tour, we are thoroughly all toured out… lol. OK that was a bit dry.

We finally make it back to our cabin to get ready for dinner. Take a look outside, it’s seriously foggy.

Cruising in thick fog on the Millennium

Thick fog cruising at sea on Celebrity Millennium

Thick fog cruising at sea on Celebrity Millennium


Having took the deal for the four dinners in the speciality restaurants we begin tonight, with one of the first speciality restaurants, Qsine. It is a funky, fun dining experience.

Qsine on Celebrity Millennium

Qsine on Celebrity Millennium


We had an early booking, which was a blessing as it was very cold, 3 degrees and foggy. The officers on the bridge sounded the ship’s horn at regular intervals while we traveled the foggy passage.

A ghostly feel to this part of the cruise

Amazing fog surounds Celebrity Millennium

Amazing fog surrounds Celebrity Millennium


Even so it was very cold, the deckhands were scrubbing the decks down while we sat and enjoyed dinner.

Let’s get on with the review.

The Qsine experience is very different. A mix of high and low chairs feature, and some bright colours and designs.

Qsine interior on Celebrity Millennium

Qsine interior on Celebrity Millennium


iPad for the menu

Wine glasses that lay, and an iPad for the menu and wine list, with short video clips to enhance the theme. Different, right?

Order from an iPad which has the menu and wine list and the wine glasses lay

Order from an iPad which has the menu and wine list and the wine glasses rather lay than stand


The menu has 20 items, of which you can order all if you so wish, but I’d put a wager on that you’d never manage them all.

The idea when dining here is to share the dishes, and I’d say that a group of six would probably be ideal.

Once you have made your choice on the iPad the waiter from your table will check with you to make sure you know what you’ve ordered, that might sound strange, but believe me these guys know more about the experience than you do at this stage.

The food will come at various intervals, sometimes one dish, next maybe three dishes. Again a totally new way of dining,  you just taste and enjoy.


A selection of menu items from Qsine


In the photo you can see top left are “Sushi Lollipops” next are “Treseviche” then “Slider Party” bottom row are “Persian Kebab” then “Soupe & Souffle” and “Lobster Esgargot“. That is just six of the 20 dishes you can choose from, not including dessert, which is presented in a unique way, sorry no photos as it was too dark.

The verdict

For me, the best part was the way the food was presented. Totally different from just on a plate or in a bowl… The light was good at first for photos but as the sun went down it became to dark for good pictures.

If you want to experience it best, go early. The foods were presented very unique, but sometimes lacked the punch, but hey that’s the critical chef in me.

Score 7/10

A short stay in the Rendezvous lounge listening to Charlie Butler play funk on his guitar made for a very good evening before heading to bed.

Tonight is the first of many time changes, putting the clock forward an hour as we make our way further east.

Tell us your comments about Qsine

Have you dined in Qsine? What’s your favourite item on the Qsine menu? Tell us in the comments below.

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