A Visit to Malene Rosenberg Hansen, The Concious Cosmetics Lady


The summer has truly started here in British Colombia and temperatures are rising, there is even talk of a heat wave on the mainland. Now that summer is really here remember to slip, slop slap… slip on a shirt, slop on some sun cream and slap on a hat before going out into the sun.

Day 127 – July 7th 2014.

If you’re anything like my Moni then you are always searching for ‘something better’, that something that you can replace the old with the new. So when Malene Rosenberg Hansen and Moni met last week, they hit it off instantly. Now they are like a couple of friends that go way back.

Malene has created a wonderful range of beauty cosmetics that are totally chemical free and based on pure healthy ingredients. In fact, all of her products can be ingested as if they were food.

Did you know, it takes just 17 minutes for the cream or cosmetic that we apply to our skin to actually enter the blood stream. Now that’s all good if the product is chemical free, but what if it’s not. Think about it, you are probably unknowingly poisoning yourself with creams, and that includes the dreaded suncream that we all slop on.

Sun cream is just one of those products that are so easily applied. Done with the good intention of protecting us from the sun’s rays, yet it’s probably doing us more harm than good. This topic is really worth taking a closer look at.

Needless to say, Moni has dumped all those shop bought chemical rich products in favour of these natural healthy ones. At least now we can have peace of mind that we are in no way harming ourselves while trying to protect ourselves.

If you’d like to know more, check out Conscious-Cosmetics which is Malene’s home page, and explains in detail all about her wonderful range of products.

That’s enough about that, let me get back to my view and soaking up some more rays of sun, while the ladies continued to play. Check out this view.

Panorama from the top of Bowen Island Chanel View road

Panorama from the top of Bowen Island Chanel View road


The ladies got up to some brainstorming, but not until Moni had sampled some of Malenes products, look at those popping eyes. Don’t forget, all natural ingredients.

Marlene & Monika brain storming, the view, and popping eyes

Marlene & Monika brain storming, the view, and my girls popping eyes


From here we got on the scooters and headed back home in glorious sunshine, jackets off with the warm wind all around.

Are you aware of what you are really applying to your skin?


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