Dinner at Davina’s

This evening Moni & I had the pleasure of having dinner at Davina’s place. We borrowed the car from Shasta and Moni drove over, it’s not far, nothing is really on Bowen, but it has been raining on and off all day so it was comfortable to drive in the car instead of the scooters.

Day 126 – July 6th.

Dinner was a four course delight. to begin we were treated to ‘pan fried scallops with salad and orange balsamic glaze’, to follow was a ‘baby Mozzarella ball and cherry tomato salad with fresh basil and mustard dressing’.

Main course of ‘gluten free pasta with portobello mushrooms, asparagus, parmesan and parsley’, and to complete Davina’s menu we had ‘gluten free banana cake with cream cheese icing’.

Dinner at Davina's Collage

Dinner at Davina’s, a wonderful occasion, great food, great wine shared with a great friend.


As you can see from the photos the meals not only tasted good they looked fantastic. Davina had been prepping up since midday and we were treated to restaurant service in her home, from perfect timing where each course arrived at a regular pace, to great background music and fine Australian wine, I’m getting hungry writing this post… Who’s your next lucky guests Davina to experience Dinner at Davina’s?

After that dinner we had time to take a walk through the forest down to the lake and back, past the salmon run where the fish that swim upstream are helped by a man made ladder.

Images from our walk through the forest down to the lake and back

Images from our walk through the forest down to the lake and back


The forest smell is divine, the deer are out and about at this time and we pass a few on the walk. A little damp under foot after the rain, and everything is just so lush and green, apart from the odd dead tree, one of which has been cleverly carved into. Bowen Island has an abundance of artists in many forms, musicians, painters, potters etc it’s all here on Bowen.

Back at Davina’s place we say goodnight and drive home slowly, at 40 kph max we pass four deer close to the road, it certainly pays to drive with extra caution at night especially with so much wildlife around Bowen Island, thankfully we arrive home safely after a great evening.

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  1. Davina Haisell July 12, 2014 at 6:30 pm #

    Thanks for sharing this story, John. I was my absolute pleasure to host you and Monika for dinner and was satisfying to know that you both enjoyed the meal. There is nothing better than sharing good food with friends! Taking a walk after was a nice treat…especially seeing the two deer. I hope you are enjoying your next adventure.

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