Leaving Bowen Island Goodbye to Our Housesitting Post

Having to leave Bowen Island and begin the next leg of our odyssey was not going to be easy as we have grown to love this place, not that it was hard to do as Bowen Island and the people are wonderful.

Day 129 – July 9th.

The final day was here and we only needed to pack up a few last minute items and we were ready to farewell Bowen Island.

We had to zip into town to get a few things, a big box of chocolates for Brian & Shasta oh and a few tins of cat food for Guffer. Also Moni was meeting Malene to pick up some last minute cosmetics for the travels.

Coffee at the Cocoa West Chocolatier

Coffee with Malene and at the Cocoa West Chocolatier


After having a coffee with Malene we stopped by and got the chocolates and some for ourselves of course… How could you go in and not buy some for yourself I don’t know, I think that’s impossible, we even stayed for one last coffee and chocolate drink and a few truffles, before getting a bar of their latest chocolate for the trip.

Back home in time for some lunch which was a very fine soup that Shasta had made.

Lunch and the chocolates

Lunch and the chocolates


After lunch we said farewell to Shasta and Brian generously drove us all the way into Vancouver, many many thanks to Brian & Shasta you are truly wonderful people.

The ferry ride was nice going across that stretch of water to Horseshoe Bay.

On the ferry leaving Bowen Island

On the ferry leaving Bowen Island


The view back to Bowen is beautiful as it became smaller and smaller.

Leaving Bowen Island

Leaving Bowen Island



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