Canada Day July 1st Celebrations

July the 1st is a special day for all Canadians because it is National Canada Day and when it comes to celebrating, Canadians do it in style.

Day 121 – July 1st.

The sun was blazing down today with not a cloud in the sky to give any shadow to the festivities on Bowen Island at Crippen Park down at Snug Cove. As we walked closer the live music from the stage could be heard from the Main Street.

Snug Cove on Bowen Island

Snug Cove on Bowen Island


Car parks were full and groups of people were walking towards the park. We followed along crossing the baseball field and, making a left then, reaching the park from the water front.

Wow, this park is a great spot, the views from the top are awesome and with the weather so good it was busy. Saying that though, people were well dispersed, some had tarps and blankets spread out, others used the park benches, I didn’t see many shade tents like the Aussies use, maybe one.

Crippen park Bowen Canada Day

Crippen park Bowen Canada Day


The whole event is family pleasing, the music was gentle easy going, not boom boom or Grunge, people were chatting and drinking and eating, basically having a good time.

The Bowen Island Fire Brigade were there displaying three of their trucks of which you could sit in and take a look, all for the kids, which includes us of course.

Bowen Island Fire Service, you're never too old to be a kid, right!!

Bowen Island Fire Service, you’re never too old to be a kid, right!!


Apparently at the end of the scheduled festivities the fire brigade open one of the water cannons to douse any body who wants to get wet!! I bet it was mostly the kids as we had left by then. Photo coming thanks to Davina Haisel our friend.


There was a community painting going on, to which we added our creativeness too as well as organised kids events like tug-o-war, potato sack race etc, which brought back memories of my childhood, what’s happened in some countries to forget these good fun times in favour of just boozing it up?? Maybe I’m just getting older or not seeing it, oh well it’s great to witness it here today.

Canada day events, tug-o-war, community painting etc

Canada day events, tug-o-war, community painting etc


Walking around, we bumped into Malene that we first met at the Bowen Island Women’s Business Event the other day, and so we stopped for a chat before continuing on down the hill making our way out, at the entrance to the park they were giving out free celebration cake, yummy, we managed a slice before heading off.

Walking up the main street to our scooters we pass a sign that read, “the smallest candy store in the world” so I just had to take a look, the photos are taken trough the window and open door.

The smallest candy store in the world

The smallest candy store in the world


I’ve yet to check out the link, fighting off the temptation to go in, lucky for me some kids were already filling the store, but instead we scootered off to Artisan Square and the Cocoa West Chocolate cafe for coffee & chocolate truffles.

Chocolate Cafe coffee & truffles

Chocolate Cafe coffee & truffles


I wanted to treat my girl as she has been just overly awesome this week (if that’s possible) in producing her workshop event and copywriting course that has started today for the wonderful members. You can sign up for the next intake of the course on the Creative Copywriting Course page.

After indulging in the chocolate truffles we scootered home in just T-shirts for the first time allowing the warm sun to brush over us which was a great feeling.

Our first Canada Day celebrations will be one that we will remember fondly, Happy Canada Day folks…

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