House Sitting Home Owners Return

Today Brian & Shasta the home owners return from their trip away. I’ve given the place a once over, but all is looking great. Guffer the cat has been well behaved apart from the 4.30am wake up calls, lol.

Day 122 – July 2nd.

The garden is growing ‘gang busters’ due to my love and attention, or maybe because of the good rain and sunny days in between.

The only thing is, I missed the refuse collection this morning, I was too late, oh well it’s not the end of the world.

We have just had a delicious grilled vegetable and mince bake (lasagna without pasta) which I had made yesterday so that today was easy for us all, not having to slave over the stove and have a mess in the kitchen.

Grilled vegetable lasagna without the pasta with salad

Grilled vegetable lasagna without the pasta with salad


All is well in the household which is good news. Looking forward to our last week here on Bowen Island.

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