Coffee in Sembayashi-omiya and Indian for Dinner

Sembayashi-omiya is an area of Osaka which has been our home for nearly two weeks now and today we check out a local coffee shop followed by the evening spent alone in an Indian restaurant.

Day 31 – April 3rd, 2014.

Rise and shine… a good nights sleep yes, up and on with business… Then it’s out for lunch at the ramen place, boy is that a good lunch and top value. We are becoming very regulars here, glad the sushi lady showed us. After lunch we fancy a coffee so we know of a place in the shopping arcade which we are yet to sample so off we go for a look.

“Time for a coffee from Coffee shop ABC in Sembayashi-omiya”

On entering, we are greeted by a woft of smoke. We take a look around at what is on display and order two flat whites and chose our sweets. Then we head upstairs to more seating but that is even more smokey, back down to sit at the bar.

ABC coffee shop in Sembayashi-omiya

Coffee shop ABC in Sembayashi-omiya


Our coffees are made, buy heating up some milk in a pan and adding that to extracted coffee from a home style machine. The end result is ok but nothing flash, at least it does have crema. The sweets are slightly warmed and served to us. We eat and enjoy, more people come and go and the tiny room clears from smoke. We find it such a shame that many places serving food and beverages allow smoking, but it is not regulated so much here as in other countries.

After our coffee fix we head back home to carry on with business…

Darkness setts in and you guessed it, it’s dinner time. We head out and not sure where we are going we wander. Not far along the road we spot an Indian restaurant. Funny really, we have walked by this building many times now and only just seen it. Maybe because the restaurant is upstairs and not actually street frontage.

“The local Indian restaurant”

We head on up and walk in to an empty room. The chef greets us and we ask if it’s ok for dinner. He is happy and invites us to sit at a table.

Our local Indian

Our local Indian


We order with him as he is the only person there. Later on his brother arrives and speaks a bit better English, but is not a problem as we have managed to order and we soon receive our meals. They are divine and we wonder why the place is empty.

Bollywood tunes play over the speakers and we have a great time. The brothers chat a little with us and all is joyful. We finally decide to pay and head home.

I make our usual green tea at home and we check emails etc before bed.

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