The Best Thing About Online Friends is Meeting Face to Face

We are meeting up with Davina after so many years being friends online.

Would you agree that meeting friends is so much better than just being online pals? Well we love it, and find that having known someone for such a long time and having a good relationship in cyber space is a great starting point to great friendships.

Day 104 – June 14th.

Davina & Moni longtime online friends

Davina & Moni longtime online friends


Having worked together on a couple of projects Moni & Davina talk about the days gone by and the other online friends they share together and reminisce.

Davina had suggested we have Lunch at the Rustic Bistro and so we did. This place is basically the first eatery on the left side of the road as you come off the ferry. You can park out the front or across the road is 48 hour parking.

Rustic Bistro on Bowen Island

Rustique Bistro on Bowen Island


The food at the Rustique Bistro was very nice and the place was busy, always a good sign in any town, even one with only a handful of eateries.

Lunch at rustic bistro

Lunch at Rustique Bistro


After lunch we walk with Davina back to her place for a while before scootering home.

We pencil in the diary for another date later on in our house sitting stay on Bowen Island.


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