Restaurant El Supremo in Envigado

We have found this great little place here in Envigado for lunch. If you’re looking for a great value (cheap) meal in Envigado, Medellin then you have to try El Supremo on Carrera 43.

Day 185 – September 3rd, 2014.

“Eating out in Envigado which is a town within the city of Medellin is easy to do”

There are many restaurants, food stalls, bakeries to choose from so you will not go hungry when staying here.

This past week we found a small place situated on Carrera 43 just down or up from the supermarket Exito depending which way you look at it. From our apartment Park Place which is near Parque Envigado it is down the road to the right away from the park.

Our first day we walked in off the street as it was just starting to rain, no other reason. Since then we have been back four days already, that must tell you something.

Lunch at restaurante El Supreme

Lunch at restaurante El Supremo


“We have found a little gem”

I keep calling it a ‘little’ or small place because that is exactly what it is. No more than 18 people can eat at one time, the tables are close together and hardly room to swing a cat as the saying goes. But what it lacks in space it makes up for in quality.

El Supreme restaurante from the outside

El Supremo restaurant from the outside


Being retired chefs with 27 & 23 years of experience and having worked in some of the worlds best establishments we know good food. Our first meal was the ‘menu del dia’ which we have had everyday still.

“For 8000 Peso $4.46 AUD you really can’t go wrong”

But where this place stands out is, not just because of the price, it’s because it is dam good cooking. Walking home the second day talking about the food we commented that the chef must have some sort of European knowledge.

El Supreme restaurante lunch, beers, and view

El Supremo restaurant lunch, beers, and view


Today we found out that Enrique the chef of 32 years, basically all his working life, has worked in the Intercontinental hotel chain and learnt under some talented French chefs, of which he is very proud. It certainly shows in his food, the flavours are great.

The presentation is neat and tidy, nothing over the top in keeping with the ambiance of the restaurant.

El Supreme restaurante and chef Enrique

El Supremo restaurant and chef Enrique


His kitchen is smaller than many modern homes these days and yet he has a great time, passionately producing his regional and international fare with a definite hint of french background thrown in.

No wonder I picked up on it as the classic trained cooking style is very close to my heart, once you know it you don’t forget.

Restaurante El Supreme lunch

Restaurante El Supremo lunch


Today was yet another great lunch, vegetable soup with meat balls followed by pork & cheese roulade stuffed with prunes, penne, rice and salad followed by a small desert.

“I forgot to mention you also get a small dessert”

Today was rum and raisin ice cream with strawberry.

Oh, and also included is a glass of squash, each day has been a different flavour.

As you probably can tell, we are wrapped with this place and for good reason, we don’t receive anything extra or different, just the normal menu de dia served to us by Enrique’s wife Esperance who is always happy and smiling.

I’m already looking forward to tomorrow. Oh and one more thing, don’t be shy, the people here love to talk and will quickly engage with you in a conversation, in Espanol of course which is great for us as we are taking lessons.

Restaurante El Supremo is open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am till 6:00 pm. Here you can see a few more samples of the weeks menu De Dia

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